Ritual Baking Co.

Beat or Be Beaten

An Antidote to the Ordinary
Reno, NV

Ritual Baking Co. specializes in unique and decadent cookies baked in Reno, NV. We were challenged with not only creating an identity for this punk rock baking company, but also given the opportunity to help name it. Our team developed multiple directions of identity, each speaking to a different atmosphere of unique, high end junk food.

Chock Full 'O Gluten

We Heard You're Vegan, but this Cookie Isn't

We created a different illustration and theme for each cookie inspired by occult references and flash tattoo artwork.

Kick Ass and Make Names

Let's Call It...

It is not everyday that we are given the opportunity to not only create an identity for a company, but also name it. Here are a few of the top contenders.