Triton Algae Innovations

The Forefront of Algae Science & Application

An Antidote to the Ordinary
Reno, NV

As pioneering leaders of the algae industry, Triton enables and enhances the power of natural algae for you by developing high-value, life-changing, and affordable products, containing the most effective and essential nutrients that nature provides for us.

Peter Laxalt
"Our forté hadn't been in biotech any years prior, but we were ecstatic to send it on the biotech challenge."
The bottom line

A challenge that was mutually accepted

When we were approached by Triton to redesign and relaunch their brand as well as website, we saw the opportunity to stem into a world that we had fresh eyes in - making us the more than perfect candidate to explain such a complex topic such as algae innovation.

No Stone Left Unturned

A Comprehensive Experience

A comfortable and informing flow from entrance of any page within the digital experience.

All together, now

Cohesive & Scalable

Implementing a scalable and flexible system of adding pages was imperative during the prototyping process.

You, you, and you

Speaking to all Demographics

Topped off with a messaging matrix that speaks dynamics to investors, customers, and researchers alike.

Triton Algae Innovations

Crafting the next generation of algae

To date, we still hold Triton dear to our hearts. It opened a door into an entire industry that we ended up being pretty damn good at - opening relationships with multiple biotech companies throughout the United States.