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What's cookin', good lookin'?

Hey guys, I'm with and my name is . I'm looking for a partner to help me with . We're shooting to have these completed by as well as fit into a budget of . If you want to discuss further, you can reach me at .
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1 E Liberty Street #404
Reno, Nevada 89501


+1 775 990 8420

What we do

We strive to inspire our industry and the clients we work with.


We find greater vision through the cultivation of our craft.


Our solutions are the vehicles that deliver resounding impact.

We believe in
Keeping it Real
Rigor & Disruption
People Over Profits
Strength in Agility
Measuring Twice, Cutting Once
Lead by Example
Enthusiastic Cultivation of Craft
Tireless Improvement
Why we do it Design is Everything

Every inert object, living creature, and glimmer of light is a note in the symphony of design.

What we do Creative Muscle, at your Service

You can find us at the crossroads of pen, pixel, typography, and photography. We’re a hard working, homegrown company with a focus on creative concepts, development of identities, creating resources in-house, and the progression of contemporary aesthetics. We get fired up by opening eyes, bridging horizons and working closely with our clients to create spectacular experiences.

Peter Laxalt Creative Director & Partner


Binh Cao Senior Brand Designer

Jonas Ellison Wordsmith and Strategist

Kylie Souza Creative Designer

Who we work with Past & Current Partnerships

We work with the bold, the adventurous, and those with a story to tell. The clients and agencies we serve are those who tug at our heartstrings and inspire us. Our art serves those who’ve set out to kick a damned dent in the shed door of this world. Here… Hold our jacket so we can have a go at it with you.

  • a

    Allthecooks, Absolut Vodka, Reno Aces, Acceptance (music), Arts for All Nevada, AIGA Reno Tahoe

  • b

    BMW, Bank of America, Boys & Girls Club Milwaukee, Bombora, The Basement, BaseHealth, Big Chocolate (music), Blackbird, Biotique Systems, Reno Bighorns

  • c

    Cookpad, Colombia Pictures, CableTec Inc, Carson Dermatology, CalNeva Realty, Covered, Craft Inc.

  • d

    Dynagraphics, Draper Strategies, Dunce Labs

  • e

    EDAWN, Environment Skateboards, Echelon Diagnostics

  • f

    The Fray (music), Feast, Fight the Mite, Fuel Promotions

  • g

    Granite Construction, Goldcrest Capital, Guild Mortgage

  • h

    Honda, Harrah’s Reno, Holland Project, Hungry Mother Organics, Humble Coffee Roasters

  • i

    ICRAVE, Indo Herbal Tonic, INT Sourcing, Idaho Range Wildlife, Indian Peak Vineyards

  • j

    Jack in the Box, Jellybread

  • k

    Kuryakyn, KPS3, Kindness Ninja, Kustom Kreations, Killswitch Engage (music)

  • l

    Los Lobos (music), LuDela, LuLou’s, Lake Tahoe Brewing Company

  • m

    Mattel, Morgan Stanley, Moment Skis, Magpie Coffee Roasters

  • n

    NASA, Noble Studios, Numerous, Nevada Humanities, Nevada Department of Education, Nosenss Records, Nevada Kids Read

  • o

    Orange Roasting Company

  • p

    Patagonia, Prevost, Piñon Bottle, PureTonic Concentrates

  • q

    Cookpad, Colombia Pictures, CableTec Inc, Carson Dermatology, CalNeva Realty, Covered, Craft Inc.

  • r

    Remax Realty, RAWBRY, RICH Robotics, Reno Bighorns, Reno Aces, Reno Tahoe USA, Reno Tahoe Magazine, Reno Envy, Reno Bike Project, Reno-Sparks Indian Colony, Reno Justice Court

  • s

    Saint Pierre, Squaw Valley, Shooting the West, Sierra Arts, Sierra Sids Casino, Southwestern Publishing Group, Solum Construction, Spitting Image (music), Stand Your Ground, Star Amusement Company, Sky Dance Helicopter, Strange Bikinis, StealthHealth, Spoken Views, STEAM Initiative, Suttermade, San Franciscan Coffee Roaster

  • t

    Triton Algae Innovations, Throttle Girl, Tahoe Nevada Love, The Basement, Tinderbox, Turn Loose

  • u

    University of Nevada Reno, Urban Roots

  • v

    Volvo, Velo Reno, Volant Productions, Vital Signs

  • w

    West Elm, Wells Fargo, Washoe Wellness, Whipple Brewing & Distilling, White Rabbit

  • y

    Yelp! Reno

“Not only did they do the work, they took the time to educate and mentor throughout the process.” Ross Diedrich —  Co-Founder, Covered
Real recognize real Press & Podium

You’ve made it all the way down here, so that means we can brag with you a little without feeling weird about it. Seriously, though, we’re super proud of our work. All awards and accolades below are attributed to the agencies and clients that have inspired us and with whom we support today. As proud as we are, what you see below is a memorial of our gratitude to them (or you, if you happen to be one of the bunch).

AAF Regional ADDYs
Gold Medal: Logo Design
The New Deal
AAF Regional ADDYs
Gold Medal: Cinematography
San Franciscan Coffee Roaster
AAF Regional ADDYs
Gold Medal: Ad Club Advertising
Reno Art Slaves
AAF Regional ADDYs
Gold Medal: Packaging Campaign
Remy & Max
AAF Regional ADDYs
Gold Medal: Self Promotion